Tuesday, January 30, 2029

Behold, The Mittelpolitanism Blog

I first started thinking seriously about writing a book about mid-sized cities in the summer of 2013. I finally got the chance to really dive into a subject a year later, and I started blogging about it in the fall of 2014. Since then? I've read, I've thought, I've written, I've reconsidered, I've kept busy. No book yet, and unfortunately, it's still not on the foreseeable horizon. (I did come up with an explanation of my invented label "mittelpolitanism", though.) Anyway, I finally decided, at the very least, to put all the stuff I've blogged about this topic together in one place, organized around six broad themes: civic identity, democracy, economics, sustainability, urban planning, and general theory, with "cities" as a catch-all for stuff that is very specific to Wichita (or other particular cities). I hope you like what you read here--and I hope it's presence is a goad to help me keep focused on it!

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